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eCommerce Retail Merchandising - Fast Simon Inc.

Retail Merchandising

Display & Arrangement of Products in Your eCommerce Store.

Fast Simon Retail Merchandising offers automation of online merchandising to delight your shoppers and maximize your sales.

  • Online Visual Merchandising for professional merchandisers
  • Rule Based Automation for scale and small businesses
  • AI Based Optimization based on various sales signals
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Merchandising – Control What You Want to Sell

Merchandising is the art and science of display and arrangement of products for best shopper experience. It is a statement of what you would like to sell, be it through manual arrangement, rules, or AI optimization.
Whether you are in the apparel business, electronics, food, or crafts – merchandising gives you control of what you would like to sell and promote.

  • Search Merchandising – Promote specific products per specific keyword search
  • Collection Merchandising – Arrange an entire collection product placement
  • Rule-Based Merchandising – Promote entire categories over others
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell Merchandising – Set specific rules for product upsell and cross-sell
Merchandising – Control What You Want to Sell

Online Visual Merchandising – Let Merchandisers Do The Work

Create a personalized, targeted experience for your shoppers using simple, drag & drop visual editor:

  • Geo based – Personalize your offering so that Canadian and Florida shoppers would get a different look of your coat collection
  • Time based – Create a time limited arrangement and promotion for Father’s day Weekend
  • Signal based – Let merchandisers use sales, inventory, and other signals to optimize experience

Rule Based Merchandising – Automate and Scale

Whether you can’t afford human merchandisers or you need to scale, all you have to do is set up the rules for merchandising.

  • Attribute Based – promote per certain product attributes
  • Sales Velocity – change product position per its sales performance
  • Inventory Depletion – place a product based on its inventory
  • Category Based – promote certain category over others.
Rule based merchandising can co-exist with drag & drop visual merchandising. You can use both!
Rule Based Merchandising – Automate and Scale

Optimize Display with Promotional Tiles

Get more out of your collection pages with promotional tiles that are interleaved within the grid.

This module is particularly useful for:

  • Announcements – Get an extra space for store announcements that are relevant for the shoppers’ search.
  • Promoting Products – Use this real-estate as another spot to promote specific products or collections.
  • Special Offers – Let your shoppers know about special discounts and offerings.
Promotional Tiles