Partnership Spotlight:

About is a Google licensed platform which allows clients to grow their online reputation through authentic reviews. offers seamless integration with a multitude of different shop platforms and other eCommerce services in order to maximize your customers’ engagement and confidence. Utilizing our tools will allow you to collect your customers’ photos and videos which can be integrated into your marketing campaigns ensuring an authentic and trustworthy tool, to drive up conversion rates.

Why Use Reviews?

The power of social proof in ecommerce is undeniable. Customers don’t trust brand promotions, they want to hear recommendations from other shoppers. Adding reviews to your eCommerce store boosts sales and improves brand image.

Integration Benefits

Fast Simon’s integration with ensures that top-tier merchandising, search and personalization capacities are running alongside a powerful review module. The combination of the two optimized engines creates an easy pathway for conversions, as the shopping experience is smooth and product quality is ensured through highly managed review collections

How To Set Up The Integration

  1. Download both apps to your store
  2. Open the Fast Simon Merchant Dashboard
    – Head to integrations tab
    – Find the square
    – Click the toggle to turn on

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Partnerships and collaborations are essential for growth. Our growing relationships with high quality apps allows more merchants access to our essential search, filters and merchandising capabilities, and we in turn are able to share the great potential that other apps have to offer.

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