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Fashion Nova

From a retail store in LA to an eCommerce fashion empire




Shopify Plus


Continuous merchandising thousands of fast-moving products; Delivering relevant search results to millions of shoppers over desktop, mobile, and apps.


AI and Machine Learning to Power Site Search; Predictive AutoComplete; Online Visual Merchandising.


Increased user value from search
Utilize merchandising to organize product displays in hundreds of collections
Anticipate shoppers needs through AI


Fashion Nova is the top online fast fashion store for both women and men. They were the #1 most-searched fashion brand on Google in 2019, devoted to delivering the most sought-after, head-turning, up-to-the-moment trends, to anyone, anywhere in the world! Their mission is to sell affordable fashion online to every fashionista out there, without breaking the bank.
Fashion Nova is owned and operated in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, with 5 retail locations throughout Southern California.


Managing high stock inventory that updates on a daily basis.
Continuous merchandising thousands of fast-moving products.
Delivering relevant search results to millions of shoppers over desktop, mobile, and apps.
Integrating with enterprise systems and other apps.


AI and Machine Learning to Power Site Search

When it comes to social engagement and multi-channel sales approach, Fashion Nova excels in both. With over 10 million followers on Instagram, celebrities like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, and an army of over 3,000 influencers, Fashion Nova pairs social-media with a unique approach to fast fashion, resulting in millions of shoppers on its site every day. To anticipate shoppers needs, Fast Simon uses AI and machine learning to successfully match their intent with the fashion items they want to buy across web and mobile.

Predictive AutoComplete

Perhaps the simplest, though most-useful, form of artificial intelligence and machine learning revolves around on-site search. Predictive autocomplete, for instance, not only saves shoppers time, but it also front loads popular products and searches. Seasonality changes and special events are taken into account and boost sales.

Online Visual Merchandising

Fashion Nova is using Fast Simon’s Enterprise merchandising capabilities to organize product displays in hundreds of collections. The merchandising team is using the intuitive visual merchandising screen, taking cues from business and fashion metrics to optimize display and conversion.

Fashion nova filters by fast simon


Fashion nova mobile search results

Fashion Nova uses Fast Simon to anticipate shoppers intent with incredibly relevant search results on one hand, and meticulously merchandised collections on the other. Whether shoppers are exploring or have a clear intent – Fashion Nova delivers a great experience using Fast Simon.

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