Ecommerce Tips To Boost Easter Sales

With Easter fast approaching, make sure that your eCommerce business gets the most out of the so-called “Easter Effect” that can see a rise in sales of about 10%. Depending on your type of product, this can be a great opportunity to take advantage of. Particularly if your business specializes in:

  • Candy
  • Chocolate
  • Flowers
  • Plants
  • Gifts
  • Hobby Products

Then the Easter season is the perfect time for you to boost sales. Make the most of these by having a clear and engaging social media strategy surrounding your holiday strategy. As always, it’s important to be prepared. We’ve got some tips on ideas that could help.

Offer Discounts

Make yourself stand out from the crowd through offering special discounts for easter products. These could be sent out via email or SMS messaging, or through signing up to be a member. This increases the chance of lifetime loyalty by customers. If you have certain products that are more relevant to Easter, these could be discounted in order to encourage sales.  

It’s important to make any discounts offered very clear to shoppers. Whether this means it’s clearly visible on the homepage of the website, on your social media channels or through outreach marketing: just make sure it’s seen! If customers can’t see it, it’s wasted.

Create A Sense Of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is a great marketing strategy that can help boost sales. Perhaps setting a slightly different merchandising strategy can help: clearing out the last of the winter stock, or offering alternating sales over the holiday period. These are great ways to boost profits. By encouraging the shopper to buy now and not wait until later, you can reduce any cart abandonment or bounce rates.

Create An Easter Event

The more engaging your outreach program, the more potential customers will be enticed to get involved. For example, offering promotional events such as ‘Easter Egg Hunts’ throughout your website which could result in rewards is a great strategy. This may also draw in first-time customers in a cost-effective method. 

Social Media Contest

Over the easter period, shoppers may be looking on social media to try and find gifts for the holiday. Making sure your social media is up to date and offering recommendations relevant to the holiday is important. Giveaways where users have to follow, share and tag are a great way to broaden outreach.

Other examples could be more traditional fairground games such as:

  • ‘Guess the amount of easter eggs in this jar’
  • ‘Name our Easter mascot’

These competitions can attract new shoppers, and create a sense of community and brand engagement.

Check Inventory

The last thing you want to happen is to run out of stock. If you know that you have certain products that will see boosted sales over Easter, make sure you definitely have enough inventory in. Make sure that you leave enough time for delivery over the holiday period, and you’ve planned for all logistical possibilities. 

Offer Bundles

Bundles are a great way of boosting sales whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction. Creating an ‘Easter Gift Set’ is a great way of increasing profits, and helping customers to know what they should give. It makes their job easier, and is a great cross-selling technique. If you sell the bundles at a slight discount, it will keep the customers happy whilst also resulting in a net-win for your business.

Add An Easter Surprise

It can be a great idea to offer an Easter treat at checkout, or perhaps in a follow-up email. Creating a sense of holiday spirit will improve your brand image, and demonstrate the community element of your business. It shows the customers they are valued, and hugely increases the likelihood of them returning back. Building customer loyalty is an important business strategy, and Easter is a great time to put this into motion.


Easter is a great way to boost sales whilst having fun! Your shoppers will be connected to their child-like appreciation of the season, and you should tap into this. Fun contests, giveaways, colors and sales are all part of the celebration. With a little bit of planning ahead and following the tips stated here, you can make sure this Easter is the best one yet.