The Top Ecommerce Apps To Optimize Customer Experience

The quality of eCommerce applications and integrations available on eCommerce platforms today are of an incredibly high quality. 

With increasing demand as well as functions, the list of apps continues to grow. Instead of letting this become overwhelming, we have created a list of some top apps that in our opinion: simply cannot be missed

If you’re looking to create a customer experience that stands out from the crowd, with great service, exceeding expectations and boosting conversions– look no further, this is the list for you.

Featured Apps


Category: Mobile App Platform

Tapcart is the top solution for turning your Shopify ecommerce store into a  mobile app. With no coding required, your store can be transferred from only browser-accessible to a mobile app, providing a personalized mobile shopping experience with the power of free and unlimited push notifications.

Reasons It’s Great:

  • Apps are the most relevant, reliable, and consistent way to grow your brand and your community.
  • Your mobile app can be a sales channel optimized specifically to convert to mobile and a marketing channel where you can send free, unlimited push notifications to an audience of subscribers.
  • A mobile app also attracts your audience with content that connects with them. Because when you own the app, you can share content through the app, not just via social media.

Fast Simon x Tapcart

The Tapcart integration merges top-tier eCommerce apps, with excellent site search and collections from Fast Simon. A unique and engaging shopping experience is made through Tapcart’s high-quality app, and Fast Simon’s award winning merchandising and sophisticated AI system.


Category: Email & SMS Marketing

Klaviyo is a unified customer platform that gives your online brand direct ownership of your consumer data and interactions, empowering you to turn transactions with customers into productive long-term relationships—at scale. Because the Klaviyo database integrates seamlessly with your tech stack, you can get the full story on every customer that visits, and then—from the same platform—use those insights to automate personalized email and SMS communications that make people feel seen. With Klaviyo, it’s easy to talk to every customer like you know them, and grow your business—on your own terms. 

Reasons It’s Great:

  • Dozens of built-in automations are fully customizable, like welcome emails, happy birthday, or abandon cart. Each can have any mix of emails and texts. So while you’re dreaming up your next big idea, customers are automatically getting timely, actionable info.
  • Data is powerful—but only if you can find it, understand it, and act on it. With Klaviyo, performance is clear. Pre-built reports answer the marketing questions that matter most. Go beyond vanity metrics and understand what’s driving sales. 

Fast Simon x Klaviyo

Fast Simon and Klaviyo’s integration provides a winning combination of Klaviyo’s email marketing and Fast Simon’s AI ecommerce optimization skills. Fast Simon’s recommendations are shared with the Klaviyo team, in order to create intent based flows and emails or SMS messages that are directly relevant to the customer based on Fast Simon’s AI machine’s personalization knowledge.


Category: Review

Okendo offers a new standard of customer reviews, with a superior suite of tools for collecting and showcasing reviews. Over 5,000 high-growth Shopify brands including SKIMS, Knix and Buck Mason trust Okendo to build trust, boost conversions and maximize CLTV.

Reasons It’s Great:

  •  Create fully-branded on-site review displays to showcase product & customer attributes, and user-generated photos & videos that shoppers can relate to and that have little to no impact on your site speed.
  •   Maximize your review generation and zero-party data collection by using Okendo’s optimized review capture form purposely built for mobile. Sync Okendo collected zero-party data to integrations in your tech stack, including Klaviyo and Attentive, to create highly-personalized experiences for your customers.

Fast Simon x Okendo

This integration increases conversions through embedding Okendo’s social proof into Fast Simon’s high relevance search results. Shoppers can see actual product reviews through filtering, results, smart navigation and merchandising, making way for full transparency and marketing.


Category: Review

Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform helps brands of all sizes strengthen their relationships with consumers through unified, data-driven solutions.. Product reviews, photo and video reviews, site reviews and ratings are all part of Yotpo’s Reviews solution, which leads to boosted conversions and customer engagement. Yotpo will make the most of the reviews you already have, or will generate some for you; either way, you’re covered.

Reasons It’s Great:

  • You can leverage Yotpo’s official partnerships with Google and Meta to boost brand discovery and increase traffic from search and social. 
  • Yotpo’s Smart Prompts help you collect higher-quality reviews addressing high-converting topics that actually inspire purchases.

Yotpo x Fast Simon

Increase conversions by embedding Yotpo’s social proof into Fast Simon’s high-relevance search results. Shoppers can see product reviews from within the search results, so customers know which items they can trust. The reviews can be filtered and sorted within the search results page, Smart Navigation and Merchandising.


Category: Review

Rivyo will help you to make a strong relationship with customers by allowing them to add reviews and QA. The Rivyo app is bursting with features that boost shop sales and enhance brand loyalty.

Reasons It’s Great:

  • Rivyo can import reviews from Amazon and Aliexpress to make sure that all resources are being covered to bring you the best comprehensive reviews
  • Email requests status can be tracked, along with a dashboard providing real-time reports and daily review status, meaning you’re always up to date with how well your reviews are turning into conversions

Fast Simon x Rivyo

Fast Simon can ensure that the Rivyo reviews can always be found, relevant to each product and search query. With the combination of Fast Simon’s advanced AI technology, and Rivyo’s customizable and SEO driven platform, customers will leave more than satisfied.


Category: Review

Bazaarvoice helps collect user-generated content for brands and retailers to inspire confident purchases with Ratings & Reviews, questions and answers, Visual & Social Content, and more. With a full-funnel UGC platform, you can get the right content to the right shoppers leveraging the Bazaarvoice network of over 1,750 global retailers.

Reasons It’s Great:

  • Incorporate your customers’ authentic opinions, photos, and videos to boost sales and get moderated ratings and reviews on your site as well as syndicated to your retailers.
  • Through their expertise, Bazaarvoice makes sure each program uses the right set of strategies and collection methods to ignite consumer confidence, inspiration, and discovery.

Fast Simon x Bazaarvoice

This integration enables you to showcase ratings and reviews in product search results within your eCommerce store. Shoppers can see actual UCG content within their search results page, filters and sort-by reviews. The result? Higher conversion rate, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. It’s a win all around.

Category: Review creates automatic request emails to collect product and site reviews from your customers. It then displays them on user-friendly, customizable widgets on your eCommerce storefront. This amazing feature increases buyer engagement, boosts sales and drives organic traffic.

Reasons It’s Great:

  • User-friendly widgets display the reviews with free photos and videos, as well as Q&As and custom forms in a way that’s appealing and unique, engaging customer interaction. These widgets can be customized to fit the store’s theme
  • Holds the capacity to customize and schedule unlimited review requests, leading to boosted conversions and satisfaction

Fast Simon x

Fast Simon’s AI technology works with’s unique and engaging review service to further increase conversions. Allowing relevant reviews to be found through search and filters means that AOV is increased, and customers are left satisfied.


Category: Review

Loox creates beautiful and elegant photo review galleries on eCommerce sites for Shopify merchants. These stunning visual reviews from happy customers boost credibility, trust and conversions. a visual reviews app for Shopify merchants helping create appealing and elegant photo review galleries. 

Reasons It’s Great:

  • Aesthetically pleasing beautiful customer reviews, filled with the testimonials of the happiest customers, leading to more conversions
  • Easily integrated with favorite tools such as social media platforms, and dedicated to improving brand image, Loox has all the tools necessary for success

Fast Simon x Loox

The integration with Fast Simon means an optimized user experience, with customers easily finding the products they are looking for. Search results x strong social proof is the perfect recipe for conversions, brand trust and lifetime customer loyalty potential.


Category: Review

Areviews provides reviews for each product you have, creating huge reassurance and turning customers into conversions. Images from Aliexpress, Amazon and Shein are matched with reviews and used to create a vibrant and appealing website display.

Reasons It’s Great:

  • Areviews imports reviews instantly from many different sources, and autosyncs them immediately so that the products seem active and appealing at all times
  • There is full theme customization so control stays in your hands, and your store gives off the voice you want it to

Fast Simon x Areviews

Allow the up to date and engaging reviews to be found simply through the search bar with this integration. Customers don’t need to put time and effort into finding the reviews that will lead to conversion, but this integration means they are easy to find and available.


Category: Wishlist

Symn Wishlist Plus is an intuitive wishlist app that makes it easy for shoppers to bookmark their favorite products, making it easy to pick up where they left off. This smart wishlist seamlessly blends with your site, works even when not logged in, and syncs wishlist content across devices. It’s a great way to enhance user experience and delight customers.

Reasons It’s Great:

  • Powerful integrations with the most popular ESPs and Facebook power high-performance triggered marketing campaigns based on wishlist activity.
  • Lets your sales and customer service teams collaborate with customers & 3rd parties on considered purchases.
  • Sync wishlists between any device including your Tapcart app, with the ability to share them with friends and family. 
  • Social proof is available, as the number of times the item has been added to a wishlist can be shown, maximizing future conversion potential

Fast Simon x Swym

Increase conversions on your eCommerce store with optimized wishlist features that can appear within the search and filters powered by Fast Simon’s superior AI. Boost customer engagement and store credibility by showing which products have been wishlisted, without going further than the search bar.


Category: Page Builders

PageFly is a page builder app that helps merchants design their own storefront, and boost their conversion rates. It’s no wonder Pagefly is the number one Advanced Page Builder App on Spotify with its customer driven approach, superior support team, and great results.

Reasons It’s Great:

  • Pagefly offers beautiful web page templates with no-code required, that are guaranteed to boost conversions and customer satisfaction and engagement with the brand. These templates are based on high-converting pages of six figure brands
  • Pagefly offers advanced features to boost revenue, such as urgency elements to stimulating sales; PageFly has it all covered

Fast Simon x PageFly

This integration provides shoppers with personalized Big Data recommendations on any product. In PageFly, users can drag and drop the Fast Simon element in one motion, then the powerful AI personalized product recommendation will help you upsell and cross-sell products before you’ve had time to realize what’s happened.