When the Magento Community Works, it Works

A brief quote from the blog by Phillip Jackson: “When the Magento Community Works, it Works”

“…I love their product because it “just works” – and I say that knowing full well that you the reader probably think I’m being paid to say that. I’m not. The reality is that I love products that deliver solutions for my customers. This module solves a real problem. Solr is hard to configure. Elasticsearch requires more services and daemons that I’m responsible for – without any of the dashboards and visualizations to know if my changes are actually doing me any good. InstantSearch+ has a pretty neat feature that – as soon as I install it – it sets to work to index my site and immediately starts delivering results, in under 100ms. It’s blazingly fast.”

Full blog read here: blog.philwinkle.com/when-the-magento-community-works-it-works