Why Are Chatbots Important?

Chatbots are growing in popularity and availability. Many websites are turning to use chatbots for the benefits they can bring to their businesses. But you may be wondering if they are worth it? Do they actually work? Why are chatbots actually important? Let’s take a deeper look

What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots are AI based computer programs that stimulate human conversations. These take place between a trained machine and customers. In the context of eCommerce, conversational chatbots may appear as a small icon at the bottom of the screen. When selected, the icon will create a chat to answer the shoppers questions. In a way, these are digital assistants. They interpret user intent, process requests and give prompt relevant answers in real-time.

How Do Chatbots Work?

Chatbots work by analyzing and identifying the intent of the users’ requests. Machine learning is used to extract relevant information and then respond with this. Natural language processing can be used to understand user intents through more sophisticated context, rather than just through understanding keywords. This was the most popular format of chatbots functionality in the past. Alternatively they can function through pattern matching; grouping text and responses. 

What Problem Do They Solve?

In order to be useful, eCommerce additions and applications must solve a problem. Their function must be one that is helpful to eCommerce in general. Here are some statistics that may point to some issues people face on eCommerce stores:

  • 34% of customers find eCommerce websites hard to navigate
  • 31% of customers find it difficult to get an answer to simple questions
  • 28% of customers find it hard to retrieve basic details about the business

As we can see, shoppers want to be able to find information easily. We live in an immediate satisfaction culture. This means that as soon as shoppers want to know something, they want the information available immediately. If this is what customers expect, this should be offered.

The Uses Of Chatbots

The use of chatbots solves all of these problems by offering personalized responses to shoppers. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular use cases for chatbots:

Customer Service

Shoppers want quick customer service, and the chatbot can function as website support. It can act as an IT helpdesk, with any technical, logistical or detailed queries. It can serve as in-app support to streamline their experience, making things easier for them to complete their goals.


Chatbots can help with improving sales. When people have questions about their bookings, or how the checkout process works, the chatbot can answer them. Popular queries with customers often include issues such as delivery times, product sizes and refund options. A chatbot can answer all of these with ease.


A maybe more unexpected function of chatbots, is their assistance marketing. They can offer recommendations through machine learning algorithms. These are especially useful when it comes to style. They can engage in conversations that may entice shoppers. They also can provide notifications to remind shoppers about new deals and offers. Or even about abandoned carts.

Why Are Chatbots Important?

So now we’ve understood the basics; let’s answer our question. Why are chatbots important? Well, 34% of consumers said they would use chatbots rather than human interactions. So immediately we see that customers favor this form of interaction. 

If this is what customers want, it’s definitely what they should be receiving. If more shoppers desire this and your shop is missing it, it may impact your sales negatively.

When it is achieved well, it can boost efficiency and save your business money. It can offer 24/7 available support to shoppers, without you having to pay for human advisors. Through automating FAQs, the needs of shoppers are met quickly and efficiently.

Boosting this convenience for customers brings higher customer satisfaction and engagement. Both of these are vital to growing your business and resting lifetime customers. Reducing shopper waiting time and letting them know they count can only bring benefits to your business.


Chatbots are a great solution to traditional problems with customer service. They are sure to boost your customer satisfaction, and in turn, your business.