Benefits Of Using A Fashion Chatbot Assistant

Using a fashion chatbot has come about as the answer to a specific question relating to online fashion. How can we create an experience online that comes close to that of shopping in an in-person fashion store?

The experience of fashion shopping in a brick and mortar store is hard to replicate. The thrill of all of the colors, sights, and sounds, and trying on new clothes. Taking clothes off the racks, being offered relevant and personalized recommendations are all part of the experience. 

Enter the fashion chatbot. It’s a crucial step on the way to meeting those customer needs. Let’s take a look at how.

AI Developments in Fashion

The eCommerce world, and fashion industry in general has gone great lengths to include AI developments within their sales offerings. AI has increased algorithm efficiency to optimize recognition engines, marketing, design and user experience. Machine learning creates the opportunity for personalization, advanced recommendations, merchandising and more. This all comes at an affordable cost.

A fashion chatbot powered by AI are the online equivalent of store assistants. They are the closest thing to human help that can be done online. This is because they offer support, assistance and responses to questions. They do all of this with greater detail and accuracy than sales assistants in stores could.

What Is A Fashion Chatbot?

Styling assistants, or fashion chatbots, use AI to offer recommendations. They are computer programs that use AI to create and maintain a dialogue through text or audio messages. Most of these texts are intelligent and task specific; they have been trained to meet the needs of each different fashion store.

Why Is A Chatbot Helpful?

When it comes to the advanced personalization and merchandising capacities that can be offered via chatbots, it’s clear to see why they are so helpful. They reduce the need for human intervention, creating a more effective way of communicating with customers. This both reduces costs and boosts customer satisfaction. 

Let’s take a look at some more of the benefits.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Customers want to achieve their goals with as little friction as possible. Chatbots make this possible, through providing useful information that shoppers will want to know. For example:

  • Delivery details
  • Inventory information
  • Personalization recommendations
  • Product information
  • Returns policies
  • Trending topics
  • Frequently asked questions

Through their access to their database with all products and information about them, chatbots can always provide the best response. With humans, there may be human error delays or issues. When it comes to chatbots, there won’t be the errors. This means shoppers will have the best possible experience.

24/7 Contact

Human assistants clock on and clock off. They may be more or less tired at different times of the day also. Chatbots are constantly available, and will always give the same level of service. Based on the information available to them, they will always give the response that is accurate for now. Even on the busiest times of the year for eCommerce, such as Black Friday, chatbots can handle queries in huge multitudes. 

Superior Access

In a brick and mortar store, there wouldn’t be the possibility of one store assistant guiding you through your entire journey in most cases. There would be other shoppers in the store, and they would also require attention. With a chatbot, they can assist you from the moment you enter the buying funnel until the moment you leave. This creates a powerful personalized experience that will stay in the customer’s mind.


Fashion bots are something worth investing in. Considering the rate they are developing, it makes sense that more and more fashion brands want to use them. They can boost the customer experience, whilst saving the brand money. They can answer questions that are simply to answer, and provide personalization in a more effective way than ever before. So there is nothing to lose! If your fashion brand doesn’t have a chatbot yet, now is the time to get started.