How Fast Simon Can Help You Boost Conversions

Creating an optimized eCommerce experience that leaves customers happy whilst at the same time boosting conversions is the goal of any online merchant. Fast Simon is a web platform that helps you achieve this and more. Through advanced AI and machine learning capacities it is possible to take your eCommerce business to the next level. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that Fast Simon can help you boost conversions and the profits your business makes.


Personalization is well known for the positive effects it has on sales. 89% of marketers see a positive ROI when they use personalization strategies, so it’s a no-brainer to get involved. Fast Simon uses advanced AI to present shoppers with a tailored experience to them.

Real-time personalization helps you to understand customers’ motivation behind purchases and which is invaluable information. This can help you increase conversions in future. By presenting customers with personalized cross-sell and upsell recommendations and suggestions, they will be able to find the right products for them and therefore create more conversions. 

As well as increasing conversions, this strategy of personalization also boosts customer loyalty, as you are providing an experience shoppers want to come back to. This is a long-term strategy for boosting conversions and creating lifetime customers.


Personalization is effective when it’s tailored to one person, but can also be very effective when used as personalization at scale. This can create the opportunity for boosted conversions across a larger audience. 

Advanced AI uses real-time click data to create personalized experiences even to anonymous first-time shoppers. Audience groups can then be created based on intent and periods of time, these groups can then be matched with personalization that applies to them as well as other broad customer segments.

The result? Increased conversions with complete customer privacy protected. Large groups of customers will be gaining the knowledge that your company cares about them, and enjoy a uniquely optimized experience. 


Good merchandising is a must in order to entice customers to spend. Fast Simon offers advanced merchandising capacities to create visually stunning displays and collection pages, as well as banners and promo tiles. All of these extra elements help to boost conversions.

Merchandising needs to be flexible and adaptive, all of which Fast Simon’s platform helps to offer. As the seasons or trends change, merchandising strategies change too, and keeping up to date with what the customers are looking for is important. 

Creating merchandising rules is a great way to boost conversions as it allows the merchant to decide which products they want to prioritize selling. Whether these are most popular products, high inventory products, or seasonally relevant products, making sure customers see them is key. Merchandising allows the power of how sales occur to be put into merchant hands, which is helpful and relevant across the board.

Advanced Site Search

Site search is one of the most important elements of any eCommerce store. Many high-intent customers will come to your store and immediately be looking to find the product they are looking for. Optimized site search creates a fast and seamless funnel straight from entry point to checkout. Fast Simon’s advanced site search powered by AI offers this and more.

Natural language processing means that whatever terms people use to search for products, they will find what they are searching for. Synonym and antonym suggestions also help to support this. Without these capacities, many queries would be lost and unresolved; losing the chance to secure conversions.

Vector Search and advanced AI autocomplete capacities also mean that this search bar is intelligent. It will understand your customers on a deeper human level, again improving customer satisfaction and helping to find the right products at the right time.

Email & SMS Marketing

Once customers have made their purchase, the next step is to keep in contact with them in a way that helps to boost conversions over time. This can be achieved via email and SMS marketing campaigns.

Fast Simon uses analytics data to create relevant campaigns that shoppers want to see. This allows your customers to receive the right messages at the right time, keeping them satisfied, engaged and inclined to spend.

Through understanding their customer journey, triggers can be created to encourage customers to return to abandoned search, checkout or collection journeys. Keeping this contact with customers gives them a push in the right direction to completing their order, and the overall result is boosted conversion rates. 


These are some of the ways that Fast Simon can help you increase conversions on your eCommerce store. The key is to ensure that the customers know they are valued, whilst presenting your products in enticing and engaging ways, especially using AI capacities that take the experience to the next level.