How To Boost Ecommerce Sales At Christmas

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday out the way, it’s no surprise that all eyes are now on Christmas Shopping. Sales are well underway, but we thought we would help provide some helpful tips on how to maximize profits over the holiday period.

Display Unique Content

Everyone is online shopping for Christmas, so how does your business stand out? How are you uniquely driving traffic to your site? These are questions you need to be asking yourself. Creativity and uniqueness are the answers. 

You need a festive content strategy. Engaging marketing campaigns are the win here. Whether these are on social media, promo tiles, images on the site, or festive discounts- the key is, reach out! Attract new customers to your site by showing your festive and entertaining side. It is these kinds of things that make all the difference. 

Some ideas of curated content are:

  • Personalized Bundles/Gift Guides: Are you proud of products you don’t think enough people know about? Highlight them here!
  • Festive Landing Pages: Now is the time to let people know you’re in the spirit; it will help encourage them to get in the spending motion too.
  • What Makes You Special?: Highlight your USP’s in your homepage or through marketing (email or SMS marketing can work), let shoppers know why they should be engaging with your business.

Keep Things Clear

Any information shoppers may need to know, make sure they do! The more informed shoppers are, the more they trust the brand, and the more likely they are to purchase from you.

Examples of key information to keep them satisfied are:

  • Key Dates: Let them know the final dates to order that will be delivered by Christmas. This way you won’t have unhappy customers who receive their presents by the New Year.
  • Delivery Costs: Be clear about how much delivery, and returns cost.
  • Product Descriptions: In order to reduce the risk of returns, make sure you have detailed product descriptions with images and figures. If your AI is more advanced, you can offer Augmented Reality (AR) solutions which can create even further advanced knowledge of products.

As with all areas of eCommerce, transparency is the best way forward. Especially when people have sentimental attachment to the holiday, it’s best to have your cards on the table from the start to avoid frustration or disappointment.

Santa Is Close!

Creating a sense of urgency is a great way to ensure your festive efforts aren’t wasted. Shoppers are emotionally attached to finding the perfect gift; scarcity marketing can give them that little push to buy the product now, and not wait until it’s too late.

Make sure you have great deals on offer that don’t make shoppers think twice. Bundles, discount packages, cross-sell and upsell merchandising are all key here. Create urgency throughout the buying funnel in order to help boost sales.

Campaigns can be used such as:

  • End Of Sales Countdown: Offer discounts if purchases are made within a certain timeframe. This gives shoppers the incentive to buy now rather than wait.
  • Personalization: Give discounts on the products that you know they are interested in, or that they have abandoned in the cart. They might just need that extra push to get there.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Dynamic product recommendations, when powered by a powerful AI machine, have the capacity to completely transform the user experience. Product recommendations have a range of benefits such as:

  • Boosting sales
  • Increasing brand loyalty
  • Higher AOV


You already know that shoppers will be flocking to your site as we speak. So the question is, how do we capitalize on this lucrative moment? With these tips you can definitely make a great start. You can help make the customers’ gift buying experience easier and more enjoyable, whilst at the same time boosting your sales. It’s a Merry Christmas for all!