Using Social Media Data To Optimize Your Ecommerce Brand

Having a strong social media strategy can give you invaluable insight into your eCommerce brand. The data that you can gather via social media platforms such as:

Can give you great indicators and pointers about which direction your business should head in. They can help you to create lasting and meaningful user relationships. Let’s take a look at how.

Social Media Data

Social media data is the data gathered by the platforms. This data can be gathered from details such as follower demographics, post engagement, reposts, searches, and geographical locations.

Collecting, organizing and analyzing this data can help you to understand your target audience on a deep level, enabling you to offer them an experience that suits their needs. So how can you gather this data?

  • Polls and surveys
  • Interactions statistics
  • Browsing behavior metrics
  • Social media analytics

As well as being a great way for marketing and improving brand image, social media data should not be forgotten as a great asset.

Using Social Media Data

So what can be achieved through this data?

Improved Target Consumer Profile

Understanding who your main target audience is can be crucial. Social media data can create a target consumer profile which represents your ideal customer. This means you can understand their value, how they interact with your brand and what they are expecting from you.

Social media data is an amazing way to create this. In a competitive market, this makes all the difference. 93% of companies that exceed their revenue use buyer personas. Creating this fictional version of your ideal client helps focus marketing. 

Researching and collecting your social media data is a great way to create an accurate buy persona. Then you can fix your strategy to meet this buyer’s needs. You can tailor ads, marketing campaigns, personalization and merchandising to fit these needs.

User Generated Content

UGC (User Generated Content) as well as being a great way of influencing and marketing, can help you understand customers. The more UGC created on a certain product, the more you can see what your shoppers are interested in.

The content gathered from your customers can help you understand what’s trending in your shoppers’ eyes. A huge amount, in fact 74% of online shoppers use social networks to inform their buying decisions. Creating hashtags and giveaways is a great way to encourage this strategy.

View Competition

Social media can show you who your competitors are. Look at who your users are also following. Look at who the most followed accounts in your area are. This is great information for growing your business; seeing what people are doing right and wrong.

By following previously successful campaigns, you can be assured that your campaigns are following a good strategy. Which hashtags have worked? Which target audiences have been most responsive? What kind of content do they like? To know this before you even start is amazing.

Chat To Customers

There is the ability to use social media as a way of communicating with customers. Actually 64% of customers would rather communicate via social media than another method such as phone call. So, communicate this way!

It’s what shoppers expect, it will boost customer satisfaction, and it helps you to understand your customers better. You can then gather what queries are, how they reached out to you, reviews you’ve received, and who hasn’t been answered.

You can set KPI’s to ensure everything is responded to right, and to gather the appropriate data from this. This can also be a useful strategy to increase followers or engagement and data analysis.

Communicate Better

Social listening means actually listening to your audience. Social listening tools monitor what people say, do and engage with on your platforms. This includes metrics such as:

  • How users speak
  • What they are feeling
  • Which content they share
  • Which other pages they view
  • How long they spend on your page

These social listening tools compare data between your business and others. Since these social media pages will be shared if they are performing well, and have a huge impact on brand image, they should be taken seriously. In a way, your social media pages are like a business card. 


Social media data has huge benefits that already add to the huge benefits a social media strategy will bring to your business. Making sure you make the most of these is crucial to improving the user experience. The more you put in, the more you will get out of it.