Create Irresistible eCommerce Product Descriptions: 5 Tips to Count On

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Updated February 23, 2024.

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Compelling product descriptions can increase sales and improve customer experience. Up to 67% of shoppers say that eCommerce product descriptions are a deciding factor in their purchase decision. That's why it's essential to create irresistible eCommerce product descriptions as part of your merchandising strategy to attract customers and boost sales. From audience segmentation to focusing on benefits, we'll show you five ways to make your product descriptions powerful to increase conversions and grow your online business.

1. Know Your Target Audience

To create product descriptions that resonate with your customers, you must understand shoppers' intent, preferences, and pain points. Knowing who your customers are will help you tailor your messaging and ensure that your product descriptions address their specific needs and interests.

You can research your audience by:

  • Analyzing demographics Start by nailing down the demographics of your target audience, such as age, gender, location, and income.
  • Using social media Social listening is a great way to improve your product descriptions. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see how your customers describe your products or your competition.
  • Gathering customer feedback Ask your customers for feedback on your product descriptions with post-purchase surveys. You can use this feedback to refine your product descriptions and make them more effective.

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2. Use Attention-Grabbing Headlines

The headline of your product description is the first thing potential customers will see. It's essential to write product headlines or product roundup headlines that are attention-grabbing and prevent customers from leaving your store too soon.

To create impactful headlines, you should:

Use Numbers

Including numbers in your headlines is a great eCommerce merchandising tactic that makes headlines more specific and eye-catching. For example, HaiRegrow includes "100% Natural" in their product heading, adding a unique selling point to the simple description, "Men Beard Oil".

Screenshot of HaiRegrow's beard oil product page as an example of an irresistible eCommerce product description

Ask Questions

Asking a question in your product headline can pique your shopper's curiosity and encourage them to scroll further down your product page. For example, "Looking for the Perfect Gift? Discover Our Top Picks" is more likely to grab attention than "Gift Ideas".

Create a Sense of Urgency

Using urgent language in your headline can create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) and encourage shoppers to take action. For example, Sephora uses "Just-Dropped Scents" or "This Just In" because it resonates better than "New Products". Similarly, you can highlight any limited-time promotions like product bundle offers or discounted prices.

Screenshot of Sephora's homepage showing irresistible eCommerce product descriptions as examples

Tip: If you're struggling to think of creative, eye-catching headlines, try ChatGPT to elevate your marketing strategy. Be as specific as possible when giving ChatGPT instructions, and the AI-driven chatbot will come up with lists of possible headlines in just a few seconds.

3. Focus on Benefits, Not Just Features

Any successful eCommerce marketer will tell you that benefits far outweigh features when it comes to product marketing, including product descriptions. Benefits are the emotional appeal of your product, which will ultimately persuade customers to click "add to cart".

Highlight the Results

Show customers the end result of using your product. For example, instead of saying, "Our vacuum has a strong suction", say, "Our vacuum will leave your floors spotless and your home feeling fresh and clean".

Focusing on the benefits and results of your product that speak directly to your customers' needs and emotions will lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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4. Use Descriptive and Sensory Language

Using descriptive and sensory language in eCommerce product descriptions can help make your products more memorable and appealing. It can create a more vivid picture of your product in your customers' minds, allowing them to imagine using and enjoying it.

Use Strong Adjectives

Use language that paints a picture of how your product will benefit your customer. For example, instead of saying, "Our shampoo has natural ingredients", say, "Our shampoo will leave your hair feeling soft, shiny, and smelling amazing".

Appeal to the Senses

Appealing to the senses using sensory words can help customers imagine using your product. For example, in Sephora's product description, the lip color has a "juicy sensation" when applied to the lips.

Screenshot of Sephora's lip product as an example of an irresistible eCommerce product description

Use Comparisons

Comparing your product to something else, especially something tangible and commonplace, can help customers understand its unique qualities. You can say something like, "Our car has a trunk larger than a shopping cart, so you can easily fit in all your gear!"

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5. Optimize for Search Engines

Optimizing your product descriptions for search engines will improve your rankings and make it easier for customers to find your products online. Here are some key SEO strategies:

  • Use relevant keywords Research and use relevant keywords in your product descriptions, such as the name of the product, its features, and its benefits.
  • Write compelling meta descriptions A meta description summarizes your product description that appears in search engine results. Write compelling meta descriptions that accurately describe your product and make shoppers click through to your product page. You can see an example of a meta description below.
Screenshot of an irresistible eCommerce product description that translates well as a meta description and for SEO

  • Use alt tags for images Alt tags are descriptions of your images that appear when images can't be loaded. Use descriptive alt tags that include relevant keywords to help improve your search engine rankings.
  • Use structured data Structured data helps search engines understand the content on your website. Use structured data to provide additional information about your product, such as its price, availability, and reviews.

Fast-Track Your eCommerce Success With Enticing Product Descriptions

When it comes to eCommerce success, product descriptions play a critical role in capturing customer attention, building trust, and driving sales. With so much online competition, compelling product descriptions can make all the difference in attracting and retaining customers.

Carefully crafted product descriptions serve as a virtual salesperson, enticing customers to move further down the sales funnel—an essential role for any eCommerce store.

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