Fast Simon x Tapcart: Elite Status Technology Partner

As of today, Fast Simon is an elite status technology partner with Fast Simon. The partnership between Fast Simon and Tapcart is a strong and beneficial one for all customers alike.

A Partnership That Works

Tapcart offers eCommerce merchants a way of turning their online store into an optimized mobile app seamlessly and efficiently. Having an optimized mobile app is incredibly important as more and more shoppers are using their mobile devices to browse and make purchases. 

Fast Simon’s integration with Tapcart means that these mobile apps offer all of the same high quality solutions you can find online. Fast Simon’s advanced search, collections and ecommerce merchandising are all available via apps powered by Tapcart. 

Through combining Fast Simon’s advanced AI technology with Tapcart’s elite app creation, a unique and engaging shopping experience is created across the board. 

Satisfied Customers

Some of the successful that already benefit from this powerful partnership include LKSD activewear store, and Princess Polly clothing store. Princess Polly have previously said of the integration:

“The Fast Simon and Tapcart integration provided a great solution to difficulties with keeping a high quality of search when using a mobile app. Having a fast functioning mobile app is very important, and the Fast Simon x Tapcart integration could ensure this for Princess Polly.”

Elite Status

Tapcart and Fast Simon are now cementing their relationship as Fast Simon achieves ‘Elite’ status within the Tapcart Technology Partner Program. It’s a subset of partners with iron-clad product market fit, strong product interaction, and a deep connection to the shared mission of mobile commerce excellence.

Fast Simon is excited to continue to grow this relationship moving forwards, bringing more optimized experiences to merchants and buyers alike.