Direct Bed Uses Advanced Search & Merchandising To Provide A Seamless, Intuitive & Speedy Customer Experience


Mattresses, beddings & beds


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product findability, effective site search, navigating large inventory, visibility of custom products, similar item list


advanced search, merchandising rules, cross-sell upsell recommendations, collections filtering options


Direct Bed is an online mattress retailer as well as providing bedding and beds. Primarily serving the Canadian market, their reach also expands across North America. Offering custom RV and other custom sized mattresses, Direct Bed manufactures its own brand allowing them to offer prices roughly 30% cheaper than those of major mattress brands. Their online presence began in 2013, and since has expanded to two physical stores in 2017 and 2020.


An optimized site search with easy findability
Ensuring certain products remain hidden
Visibility for customized products
Differentiating between unique but similar products


Fast Simon’s site search is magic. It transformed our business to the next level because search is so important not only in the sales process but also in customer user experience.

Gerian Sloetjes |President of Direct Beds

Advanced Site Search:

Fast Simon’s search allowed shoppers to come for one item and navigate through other products on the site seamlessly and efficiently. The customized and optimized search allows customers to find all products they are searching for. This includes custom offerings, of specific sizes and brands, which include deep detail and would otherwise be hidden as they are not immediately apparent in the inventory.


Merchandising rules ensure that search does not uncover products that are hidden. Certain products in the catalog can remain hidden whilst active on the site. Working with merchandising rules helped to manage marketing campaigns, increasing outreach and effectivity. 

Advanced Filters:

Being able to set up custom filtering categories is helpful for the shoppers, and extremely intuitive to use. This solves the problem of differentiating between similar products, and creates an optimized user experience. 

AI Cross-sell Upsell Recommendations:

In order to be able to display all products available, recommendations improve the customer discovery journey. They also highlight all products available across the site, displaying the depth of the catalog and the display.

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Fast Simon was the fastest improvement to our site that we’ve ever used. Rolled out overnight it instantly transformed us into a new level of business.

Gerian Sloetjes | President of Direct Beds
Direct Bed Phone

From the moment of set up, the Fast Simon module was customized to match the look and feel of the Direct Bed website. The seamless integration made it impossible to see that a third party app was used. Immediately, people were able to find products easier and they received positive customer feedback and a reduction in complaints. Conversions increased and overall customer experience improved.

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