Enhance Your Shopify Product Collections Through Merchandising

Learn how to boost your Shopify store's sales by effectively merchandising your product collections. Read on for actionable tips and advice.

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Updated November 14, 2023.

Did you know 87% of consumers say product content is very important when deciding what to buy online? As an eCommerce business owner, enhancing your Shopify Search product collection through effective merchandising is essential to improving your customers experience and ultimately increasing sales.

Merchandising encompasses a store's sales and marketing strategies to promote products and persuade customers to make a purchase.

Effective merchandising involves increasing awareness, creating a more engaging shopping experience, and supplying customers with the right products for their needs. This is especially important for Shopify stores, as the platform offers a variety of tools and features to streamline product presentation and improve conversion rates.

1. Product Positioning

Product positioning refers to the strategies a retailer uses to create a distinctive place for their product in the marketplace and improve the customer's perception of it.

Product positioning helps to showcase key products and collections to maximize customer engagement and increase sales. Shopify enables effective product positioning by leveraging various platform features, such as creating product filters, tags, and collections. This process is streamlined and enhanced by a number of apps available for Shopify stores.

To illustrate, the online lightbulbs and fixtures retailer BulbAmerica uses merchandising rules to easily customize their product display. Using filters and tags, they can move relevant products, like sale items, to the top of their smart collections to make them clearly viewable.

BulbAmerica Customizable Product Display

More tips for effective product positioning include:

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2. Product Assortment

Product assortment is simply the number and variety of goods a store offers its customers.

Optimizing your product range is key to making sure your Shopify collection is engaging and relevant to your target audience. To select the right products for your collections, you should consider product availability, pricing, and eCommerce market demand.

An effective technique is to analyze customer data to identify trends and preferences and select products that match those insights. You can do this in various ways, including reviewing your sales history, conducting surveys, or monitoring your website and using predictive analytics.

Other tips include diversifying your products to cater to a broader range of customers and updating your collection regularly to keep it fresh and appealing.

3. Pricing Strategies

Pricing strategies are the plans and methods for deciding what price to sell your products for.

Pricing plays a vital role in merchandising, by shifting buyer perceptions and influencing their willingness to buy. An effective pricing strategy can, therefore, significantly boost sales. However, it's essential to strike a balance between offering competitive pricing and maintaining profit margins.

Shopify allows businesses to incentivize their customers with a number of pricing strategies, including offering discounts or promotions on specific products or collections.

Other effective pricing strategies include:

Fast Merchandising Strategies

An effective merchandising strategy is vital for optimizing your Shopify product collection, building long-term customer relationships, and growing sales. This includes techniques like product positioning, product assortment, and pricing.

As customer expectations for personalized and seamless shopping experiences increase, merchandising is becoming increasingly important in eCommerce. To remain competitive, you should also consider implementing predictive personalization strategies to optimize your customers experience.

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