Retail Merchandising

Display & Arrangement of Products in Your eCommerce Store.

InstantSearch+ Retail Merchandising offers automation of online merchandising to delight your shoppers and maximize your sales.

  • Online Visual Merchandising for professional merchandisers
  • Rule Based Automation for scale and small businesses
  • AI Based Optimization based on various sales signals


Merchandising – Control What You Want to Sell

Merchandising is the art and science of display and arrangement of products for best shopper experience. It is a statement of what you would like to sell, be it through manual arrangement, rules, or AI optimization.
Whether you are in the apparel business, electronics, food, or crafts – merchandising gives you control of what you would like to sell and promote.

Search Merchandising

Promote specific products per specific keyword search

Collection Merchandising

Arrange an entire collection product placement

Rule-Based Merchandising

Promote entire categories over others

Upsell and Cross-Sell Merchandising

Set specific rules for product upsell and cross-sell

visual merchandising

Online Visual Merchandising – Let Merchandisers Do The Work

online visual merchandising

Create a personalized, targeted experience for your shoppers using simple, drag & drop visual editor:

  • Geo based – Personalize your offering so that Canadian and Florida shoppers would get a different look of your coat collection
  • Time based – Create a time limited arrangement and promotion for Father’s day Weekend
  • Signal based – Let merchandisers use sales, inventory, and other signals to optimize experience

Rule Based Merchandising – Automate and Scale

Whether you can’t afford human merchandisers or you need to scale, all you have to do is set up the rules for merchandising.
  • Attribute Based – promote per certain product attributes
  • Sales Velocity – change product position per its sales performance
  • Inventory Depletion – place a product based on its inventory
  • Category Based – promote certain category over others.
Rule based merchandising can co-exist with drag & drop visual merchandising. You can use both!

Optimize Display with Promotional Tiles

interleaved promo tiles

Get more out of your collection pages with promotional tiles that are interleaved within the grid.

This module is particularly useful for:

  • Announcements – Get an extra space for store announcements that are relevant for the shoppers’ search.
  • Promoting Products – Use this real-estate as another spot to promote specific products or collections.
  • Special Offers – Let your shoppers know about special discounts and offerings.

Features and Benefits

Merchandise per your sales objectives

Display the products that align with your business objectives. Control product arrangement based on metrics that are important to you, be it stock, margin, brand, etc.

Stay In line with your business needs

No need to manually change collections or rearrange products when there are new stock items, low stock items, trending items, etc. The automatic merchandising rules algorithm, combined with our AI capabilities, will do that for you after the initial set up, leaving you with plenty of time to take care for your other business needs.

Scale with automated rules and AI

Obviate the need in human intervention with our automated merchandising rules and AI. Control how the collection will look, arrange the products by new arrivals, change in inventory, sales velocity and more. You can even create tailor made alerts that will let you know when an important action in your store has happened.

Fit all merchants of any scale

Whether you are a SMB with hardly a single merchandiser on staff or a large retailer with a whole department of merchandisers, this solution is designed to fit your needs.

Visual Merchandising – Simple Drag & Drop

Intuitive, visual drag & drop makes merchandisers’ work effective. With a click of a button, merchandisers can promote, demote, move, or hide any product per their sales goals.

Adapt quickly on-the-fly to trends or seasonality

A holiday is coming up? A lot of inventory you want to get rid off? New products you want to push? Now you can control how your products and search results will appear to your shopper per pre-determined time period.